About me

Hey hey!!

I’m John. I’m a software engineer based in Athens, Greece. I love learning in public(Greek translation). In this blog I’m sharing what I learn. I love explaining things in a simple manner with no jargon or additional fluff.

I’m a self-taught developer who wrote his first line of code in the tender age of 28. I was able to change careers after 18 months, after getting stuck doing odd jobs. Trying to make it as musician didn’t turn out as I planned. But I’m still playing, not as much as I could though.

Other than code I like running mountains(and streets), playing and listening to music, reading and playing with Naval(my cat).

If you want to contact me and give me feedback or comment on something or correct me, please do so at johnsitpar@gmail.com(yes. It’s raptis backwards!!)

##My Life in bullets

  • 1988 I was born in Rasin, Winsconsin.
  • 1992 My family moved to Katerini, Greece. I decided to follow.
  • 2004 Started playing guitar. Music pretty much became the center of my life.
  • 2011 Moved to Vienna, Austria where I was working as a musician. Teaching music and playing live performances.
  • 2012 After returning home I spend the summer in Crete, Greece basking with two fellow musicians. Right after that I moved to Chicago.
  • 2013 Came back to Greece. Moved to Thessaloniki, where I took odd jobs to sustain myself. I stopped playing music completely. Musicians block I guess.
  • 2016(October) Started coding for fun after watching a random tutorial(don’t ask how). I got hooked.
  • 2018(May) Got my first job as web developer in an agency. I was working as a waiter in a restaurant at the time.
  • 2019(November) Worked at a startup as a JavaScript Engineer.
  • 2020(October) Working at a large organization as a Front-end Engineer.

##As for now

Caution: Frequent and unpredictable updates may apply

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